Service’s & Trading

  1. A/C system repair and maintenance service. (Site service & workshop)
  2. Auto-electrical repair and maintenance service, (Site service & workshop)
  3. Hydraulic Troubleshooting/repair & maintenance work (Site service & workshop)
  4. Heavy Equipment & Automative Spare parts Trading
  5. All kinds of Heavy Equipment overhauling, repair, and maintenance work
  6. Fuel system repair work
  7. Crane repairing work
  8. Lifting solutions, Crane selection & Lifting studies (Simple, Heavy, Critical & Blind Lift)
  9. Bus/ Coasters and Light automobiles repairs
  10. Supply of Lifting accessories, Tools. Gears, tackles & wire ropes
  11. Crane Wire ropes installation work
  12. Lifting Equipment & operators Oil & Gas sector certification preparation as per client standard.
  1. Equipment/Vehicles Annual registration preparation and FAHES passing solutions
  2. New & Used Heavy Equipment Trading
  3. The general material and Tools Trading
  4. Sale of New Chalwvn valve 5″& 4″ available in our Ex-stock
  5. Chalwvn valve and spark arrestor installation work
  6. Welding solutions
  7. Bundle Puller & Hydro jetting machine repairing work
  8. Man lift repairing work
  9. Rental services for Heavy Equipment & Transport vehicles
  10. Boom Truck Repairing work
  11. Steel Fabrication work
  12. Building material Trading ( Electrical, Civil, and Mechanical)
  13. Lathe Machine, Hydraulic Press, Bending machines, and cutting machines repair work
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